Readers 2 Leaders’ mission is to develop and grow the reading skills of underserved Dallas children ages 3-12 so that they succeed in school and graduate prepared to live productive lives.


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Readers 2 Leaders

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Leadership: Norma Nelson| Founded: 2010| Focus Area: Education

Readers 2 Leaders has packaged its highly successful literacy program to equip out-of-school time providers with the tools they need to integrate reading into their programs.

With a model that is proven to grow and develop the reading skills of elementary school aged children, Readers 2 Leaders can now reach exponentially more kids where they are – in after-school care, soccer camps and summer programs.


  • Two-thirds of Dallas County third graders are behind in reading.
  • 93,000 Dallas County K-3 students are not reading at grade level.
  • 500 students achieved 11 months of reading growth in just 7 months during the 2017-2018 school year.


  • Readers 2 Leaders knows that they are limited in the number of kids they can reach directly. By coaching other providers how to integrate reading into their programs, they can take what is unique about their program and scale it to reach 17,500 kids in 5 years.


  • Readers 2 Leaders is launching their coaching program to build a sustainable revenue source and reach many more students than they can reach alone.

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