Rosa Es Rojo, Inc. makes wellness and cancer prevention accessible for the Latino women in America, starting in North Texas, by training them on the topics of nutrition, physical activity, emotional health, and positive thinking.


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Rosa Es Rojo

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Leadership: Aideé Granados| Founded: 2016| Focus Area: Health

Rosa Es Rojo makes wellness and prevention accessible to the Latino women in America, starting in North Texas.

The program promotes nutrition, physical activity, emotional health and positive thinking through an educational model, “The Rojo Way”, shared 100% in Spanish that enables women to apply their learning and share it with others in their community.


  • 855,000 Latinas in North Texas.
  • 1 in 3 will have cancer.
  • Cancer is still the leading cause of death among Latinos in the US.
  • 90% - 95% of all cancer cases have roots in an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • More than 4,500 hours of training delivered to Latinas in North Texas.
  • Latinos in Texas are on pace to become the largest population group in less than five years (by 2022).
  • In Texas, every $1 invested in cancer prevention leads to $24 in treatment cost savings. Key for financial empowerment.


  • Social services systems, such as cancer awareness organizations, hospitals, government and corporations are challenged by serving minorities. It has been hard to serve the Latino community effectively.
  • Rosa Es Rojo’s wellness program is specifically tailored to Latino women by ensuring that the content is culturally relevant and delivered in Spanish. They are taking proven knowledge about health and wellness to share it in a way that works effectively.


  • To become more sustainable, Rosa Es Rojo is increasing human capital by building an effective, high-level board and training Ambassadors in their program.

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